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Selected Works - 2019

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Death and the City

How do we design for the dead in a dense, urban environment like Tokyo?

Fribourg Natural History Museum

Can an existing warehouse be used as an asset in the design of a new Natural History
Museum for the city of Fribourg, Switzerland?

Sensory Cinema

The cinema typology has always been horizontal, but what if we flip this on its head?

Brackenridge Masterplan

Austin is the quintissential landscape city in the US, but as it expands can it take lessons
from the compact city model of Madrid?

Wobble Bench

How can we activate an empty plaza in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia?


How do you design a parametric installation that is both object and exhibit?


Can an installation bring wonder AND provide a warning about climate change?


The city of Austin, TX is rapidly growing. What housing alternatives are possible beyond
high rises and bungalows?

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