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The University of Texas & Technische Universitat Munchen Entry | Fall 2014 - Fall 2015

2015 SOLAR DECATHLON Competition | 4th Place Overall

The Solar Decathlon is a triennial competition that takes place in the United States with the aim of challenging universities and their students to design the most efficient and sustainable residential home. The competition takes place over a period of two years and requires student teams to design and build a fully functioning house.

Built and exhibited in Irvine, California for the 2015 US Solar Decathlon, the NexusHaus addresses environmental issues and efforts in sustainability through four core concepts: density, energy, water and food.

Nexushaus incorporates a unique energy-water nexus (ExW), a system that essentially utilizes solar energy and captured water to support the house. Serving as an accessory dwelling unit, the house can be placed in the backyard of a residential lot in Austin to operate as a unit of resource production. The house serves as a prototype for increased density in Austin as part of the Alley Flat Initiative.

The house harnesses resources (solar energy, rainwater, and auxiliary water) that would otherwise be wasted and be a burden on municipal infrastructure. Because lower-income families are more vulnerable to water and energy cost fluctuations, the ExW-Unit will increase occupants’ independence while contributing to their long-term economic, environmental, and social stability.

The house was preassembled in Austin, TX and hauled to California for final assembly under competition conditions, with the final assessment covering 10 different categories that included: energy balance, architectural innovation,engineering innovation, affordability, marketability and

The team took 4th place overall and brought home 1st prize in energy balance, 2nd place prize in affordability and 3rd place prize for engineering.

*My role in this project ranged from SD and DD through to construction. I specifically workedon the facade and deck elements and took part in the assembly in Irvine, CA.

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