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Seminar Instructors - Robert Stepnoski & Larry Kleinkemper | Summer 2019
Research Supervisor - Robert Stepnoski | Fall 2019 

Littlefield Carriage House,  The University of Texas at Austin

Summer seminar and semester-long investigation into the digital documentation tools available to architects and their application to the design and historic preservation fields. 

Data acquisition performed through LiDAR using a Z&F scanner and a combination of terrestrial and aerial Photogrammetry using a DSLR and UAV. Generated results provided accurate point cloud models for further use in site analysis and design/visualization. Processed in Autodesk ReCAP, Reality Capture, and 3DS Max.

The independent research looked at three distinct buildings with very different sites and scales: the British Club in Nicosia (Cyprus), the Littlefield Carriage House on the University of Texas Campus, and the Seaholm Intake Plant, located on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. The goal was to further explore the application (and limitations) of terrestrial photogrammetry in design as laser scanners are still extremely cost prohibitive.  Work was built on techniques and software skills developed during the summer seminar which focused on aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR.

Littlefield Carriage House, 1969 | East Facade
 Combined Photogrammetry scan and LiDAR internal scan |  Rendered mesh of Photogrammetry scan 

As the first such course at the School of Architecture, the summer seminar taught students through a hands-on approach, emphasizing demonstrations, site-visits and a final project on futher processing one of the three sites documented.

Unlike the traditional HABS surveying method for buildings, using digital tools provides accurate and infinitely accessible data that offers a digital snapshot in time of the object/site. This can be especially vital for sites that cannot be frequently accessed due to distance, dangerous conditions, or inaccessibility.

Generally speaking, LiDAR scans offer a precision of  ± 3mm while Photogrammetry is approximately  ± 5cm. Additionally, the pointcloud can be used for visualization needs in both renderings and line drawings - providing captivating visuals and an assurance that the designer/architect has performed due diligence on working with (and understanding) the existing conditions.

Interior LiDAR Scan of Water Tower
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Hybrid site sections through the LBJ Wildflower Center tower

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