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wobble bench

Critic - Monica Juvera, Boris Bezan | Fall 2018

Congress Square | Ljubljana, Slovenia

The wobble bench is an informal seating installation designed to encourage both interaction and play. Based on traditional spinning tops, the colorful benches are
weighted in the center but start to tip when you sit. This leads to some coordination between the people that use it - thus offering both a humourous experience and a chance to talk to your neighbor that you may have just catapulted into the air as you sat down.

The installationprovides some much needed illumination at night in the square, collecting all the kinetic energy throughout the day from the movement generated and lighting up the spires. 

In order to be adaptable, the components are lightweight, easy to transport in a freight truck and can be stored or moved for the numerous events held yearly in Congress Square.

               Site Plan 1:200 Scale | Plaza with alternative layouts


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